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How To Install Google Camera On Realme 3

Google Camera is by far one of the best camera apps on Android due to its features. The only problem with GCam is that it doesn’t work with all the devices. I've been searching the internet for a compatible Gcam for Realme 3, sadly there's no official GCam port for this device yet. However, after testing several GCams, I finally found a working one.

What's working on this version?
*Almost everything (Night Sight, Photo Sphere, Slow Motion, Lens, Portrait, Panorama)
What's not working?
*1080p rear video, it only works when set to 720p, Photobooth.
*Bug: When you turn off the HDR camera doesn't work. Better leave it on, it makes the images better though.

Install Google Camera (GCam) on Realme 3

1. Download this Google Camera Port by Arnova8G2 or Mirror Download HERE. Since Realme 3 has Camera2 API already enabled, installing GCam is a breeze. Just Open the APK file and install it like a normal app.

2. Allow all permissions required for the Google Camera app and that's it. You already have a Google Camera on your Realme 3.

Import XML Configuration

This GCam port works right of the box but a little bit laggy so you might want to change a few little settings for better photos and stability.

1. Download this Realme 3 XML Config. Save it to your SD Card or internal storage.

2. Create a folder named Gcam on the root directory of your internal storage, inside it create another folder named Configs and copy the XML config file there.

Directory should be like this: Phone Storage/GCam/Configs/

3. Now import XML config file. To do so, open GCam, double click the black area around the capture button and the "Choose config" will pop up. Select the config, and then click "restore".

Suggested Gcam settings for Realme 3

1. Open GCam, click settings and change the following values based on the photo below. (This is my personal preference but I find it perfectly working) Make sure that you put the Final JPG Quality to 100% for the best details possible. Note: GCam's video crashes when set to 1080p, for it to work set it to 720p only.

2. On Quick settings - click Advanced - Base - then set as pictured below. You can also tweak the Saturation based on your preference but after doing plenty of testings, I find the settings below much better.

Note: To save you from further work, you can just simply download my own XML config file HERE. Import and restore. That's it, no need to tweak any other settings.

Now you can enjoy Google camera on your Realme 3. Just keep in mind that it is not an official port for our device so we will have to wait for goodhearted developers to port one for Realme 3.

Credits: XDAArnova8G2S4turno

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